How sleep became my passion...


My name is Brittany and I am the Founder and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant at Rest is Best Sleep Consulting. When my son Ethan was born, we had no idea how sleep deprived we would truly be. We kept waiting, hoping, and being advised by others that his sleep would eventually get better. This never happened.


In fact, it seemed to get worse. At our “rock bottom” point, he was only sleeping 45 minutes to one hour stretches all night long. We dreaded nighttime! Every night was a painful reminder of how much we missed sleeping with the rest of the world. We felt like there wasn’t anyone else dealing with the issues we were! When he was 8 months old, we decided it was time. It was our New Year’s Resolution! We set a plan in place to gently teach him how to self soothe in his own crib and started our journey.


He was putting himself to sleep peacefully within 3 nights. THREE NIGHTS! I still could cry thinking about how long we waited to do this!

After he was sleeping well, our lives changed! Everything was less stressful, we had time 

each night to relax together and our baby was happier! Bedtime became a blissful part of the day that we all enjoy!

When I saw how bad our situation was compared to how amazing it became, I grew deeply passionate about helping others guide their babies to restful sleep. It’s not only important for the parents, but it’s vital for your baby’s growth! Our society has made it ‘trendy’ to be a tired parent. Many are led to believe that by starting a family, you are also choosing to never sleep again. It’s my mission to end this belief and bring the joy back to parenthood for desperate families!

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