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And that’s what I’m here for!


As Founder and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant at Rest is Best Sleep Consulting, I take the guesswork out of your little one's sleep!


You’re tired. And frustrated. And you just don’t know how to fix it. Or, maybe you do! You know what needs to be done but you’re not sure where to begin!


As YOUR Sleep Consultant, I walk you through each step and stick with you throughout the journey. Because you need someone to support you through the difficult nights and encourage you when you need it the most!


Someone who gets it. Who knows how hard it is to want sleep so desperately while being terrified of the process itself.


I know, because I was there……

Do you wish someone would help you figure
this 'sleep thing' out?

Hey, I'm Brittany Levine!

how sleep became an issue...


It all started with a New Year’s Resolution. At that point, my son was 8 months old. The longest stretch of sleep he would do at night was an hour and a half! The entire family (including the dogs, I’m sure) was absolutely exhausted!


This went on from the time he was born! I knew that we would experience the lack of sleep that “comes with parenthood” but I had no idea how bad it could really be! We just kept hoping it would get better… but it didn’t.


Then, we hit rock bottom and I knew something had to be done. Everyone around us saw how bad the sleep deprivation was affecting us. We were irritable, anxious, always stressed and not enjoying this beautiful time in our lives.


So, we made a New Year’s Resolution and that was to finally teach our baby how to sleep.


One problem…


We were totally uncomfortable with letting him cry alone for hours in the dark. Which meant that we needed to find an alternative! Once we did, he was sleeping 12 hours at night by NIGHT 3 of our sleep plan!


I could not believe it! Why did we wait so long?! How many months did my baby long for me to teach him how to sleep and I just didn’t understand his needs or wants?! How come other parents didn’t realize that the extinction method is NOT the only way?!


When I experienced the complete improvement that our lives took after we had some sleep, something was ignited within me….

how sleep turned into my passion...

After many months of practically no sleep and then the total bounce-back my husband and I had after our baby finally slept, I knew I could not be quiet about this!


Parents needed to know that they could get the help that they needed so that they, too, could have the same positive outcome that we did! Every parent needed to know that they didn’t have to silently suffer alone.


I was overwhelmed with the urge to help others! I started with family and friends, then friends of friends, then offering advice to people in mommy Facebook groups. I read books and studied sleep closely. I became borderline obsessed!


It was time to make this official! I became a Certified Sleep Consultant and began helping families worldwide!


You see, our society has made it ‘trendy’ to be a tired parent. Many are led to believe that by starting a family, you are also choosing to never sleep again. And it’s my mission to end this belief and bring the joy back to parenthood for desperate families!


Let’s talk about how we can guide your child to be a wonderful sleeper!

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