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Newborn Baby

Rested Newborns

Are you expecting a baby and you have no idea what will come with your new baby's sleep? Or is your baby already here but you are struggling to figure out when to sleep, when to feed and how to start good sleep habits?

I can teach you all about your baby's sleep, show you how to optimize their schedule to get long sleep stretches at night and prepare your baby with skills they'll use to sleep through the night once they're ready to!

0-12 Weeks

With the Newborn Guide: 'Why Didn't Anyone Tell Us This?', you'll be well equipped with what the expect in the first 12 weeks and how to begin laying a healthy foundation for sleep! THIS IS NOT SLEEP TRAINING. Newborn babies typically do not have the ability to self soothe. Therefore, we are working on practicing sleep skills with them and no crying is involved! The goal is to meet all of their needs while beginning to slowly work on sleep!

Newborn Guide

  • Newborn Sleep Plan: Step by step instructions on how to teach sleep and implement a schedule without "sleep training"

  • What to Expect Timeline: Within the guide, you will receive a timeline of what to expect with your baby for the first few months of life


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