Rested Newborns

If you are a parent of a newborn and looking for guidance in order to avoid any frustration with the future of your baby’s sleep, this is the place for you! It usually takes parents many months before they decide that they need help, so you are leaps ahead! This age is a wonderful time to promote healthy sleep with your baby to encourage the skills that they need to become (and stay) amazing sleepers!


Package Overview

0-12 Weeks

-Initial Sleep Evaluation

-Private In-depth Consultation (Skype or in home*):

-Nursery Assessment

-Sleep Education

-Newborn Customized Sleep Plan

-Two 20 Minute Rest Check Calls

-Unlimited Voxer Support

-Two Email Threads

-Rested Future Tool Kit

Package Details

-Initial Sleep Evaluation: Help me get to know your baby and their sleep habits. This is in the form of a questionnaire, which will be completed before our consultation. This questionnaire helps me create a fully customized sleep strategy.

        Private In-depth Consultation (Skype or in home*)

-Nursery Assessment: We will go over safe sleep tips and I will guide you through ensuring that your baby’s sleep space promotes quality sleep!

-Sleep Education: I believe that parents who have a thorough knowledge of the importance of sleep for them and their baby begin their journey with more confidence and positivity! Therefore, we will spend some time talking about the ‘why’ before we get into the ‘how’.

-Newborn Customized Sleep Plan:  Designed with your parenting style and your baby’s needs in mind, this plan will help lay a beautiful foundation for a future of healthy sleep while helping you create a realistic routine that most new parents long for! We will go over this in depth and address any questions you may have. The goal is to teach your newborn independent sleep skills so that when they are developmentally ready to sleep longer hours at night, they will know how to do so!

*In-home consultation is available for families located in Myrtle Beach, SC

        Support until your baby is 12 weeks

-Two 20 Minute Rest Check Calls: These calls can be used any time until your baby is 12 weeks. During these calls, we go over any questions that come up that need detailed attention!

-Unlimited Voxer Support: Voxer is a free messaging app that you can send text or voice messages to me on until your baby is 12 weeks old. I know you’ll have questions that pop up throughout your day (and night), so I want to make sure you have a way to send them to me before they’re forgotten.

-Two Email Threads: to use until your baby is 12 weeks old. This is another resource to use to get questions answered as they come up.

-Rested Future Tool Kit: With this guide, you will be armed and ready to tackle anything that comes up in your baby’s future! This guide will give you the tools for traveling, regressions, and nap transitions.


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