Rested Newborns

Has your newborn's sleep thrown you for a loop? Do you feel like everyone is throwing different advice at you? Are you totally confused on how you can help your newborn baby?

I can teach you all about your baby's sleep, show you how to optimize their schedule to get long sleep stretches at night and prepare your baby with skills they'll use to sleep through the night once they're ready to!

Program Overview

0-12 Weeks

  • Sleep Evaluation Form

  • Customized Plan & Schedule

  • 1-on-1 Consultation

  • Support until baby is 12 weeks old

  • 2 Phone Calls

  • Unlimited Message Support until 12 weeks old

Newborn Program Details

  • Sleep Evaluation Form: Questionnaire to learn more about your baby and your family

  • Customized Plan: Step by step instructions on how to teach sleep and implement a schedule

  • Consultation: 1 hour consultation to review the plan

  • Support until baby is 12 weeks old:

  • 2 Twenty Minute Phone Calls

  • Unlimited Message Support


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