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"i'm a lover of sleep"

"I'm a lover of sleep

Hey, I'm Beth Mattson!

I live in Grand Rapids, MI with my hubby Eric and our two girls, Luella age 3.5 and Kennedy 16 months.

My husband and I love to try new beers and restaurants around town.


I love to read, workout (specifically early in the morning before my kids get up!) and of course am a lover of sleep! 

My journey to become a sleep consultant started with Luella who did not sleep during the day in the newborn stage. She was up all day and screamed all evening! Who knew about wake windows and that you needed to provide a good environment for your baby to nap in? I surely didn't! Once I figured out a few simple things, my baby started sleeping, I started sleeping and started to feel more like myself.

When I tell my story, my husband is clear to say that when Luella started sleeping better, OUR lives changed. He got his wife back, we had our evenings to ourselves and hassle free bedtimes. It has become my passion now to help guide families to better sleep. I see you and hear you if you are an exhausted parent that wants some consistency to your days and to lose the stress involved in putting your baby or toddler to bed! 


After owning my own business for two years, I am very excited to join Brittany's team as together we can help guide even more families to better sleep.


It made so much sense for me to join her team as our philosophies on sleep align, we are the best of friends and love this business so much. Together we are here for YOU! 

Let's chat and help your baby learn to sleep well!

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