Jason, Erika & Baby N

“I can’t thank Brittany enough for helping me lay a great sleep foundation for my little girl, Natalie and giving me sanity as a new mama! Natalie was able to put herself to sleep at a month old and sleeps between 9-10 hrs a night at 9 weeks!”

Mikey, Kelsey & Baby R

“This little guy’s sleep journey has been a rough one from the start. We went 8 months with very few full nights sleep. Last month we decided we needed help because everything we tried just wasn’t working! So we reached out to Brittany and I am so thankful we did! With her help, we went from a baby waking up 5-6 times every single night, to now he is sleeping 11-12 hours every night, with no night wakings!”

Jenn, Danielle & Baby S

As an expecting parent, I was

terrified of the lack of sleep that everyone was warning us about!! With Brittany's help, we were able to teach our baby to sleep right from the start and it's helped us breeze through regressions, sicknesses and travel! I need a lot of sleep and I couldn't imagine how I'd survive parenthood without a sleeping baby! Her package for pregnant moms should be on every baby registry!

Samantha. Ben & Baby B

“We now have a baby that can fall asleep independently and SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! We were lucky when good sleep came natural to our first baby but Beck was a completely different story. He needed lots of assistance and woke up to 6 times at night. We reached out to Brittany for help at 9 months, and while hesitant to try her system, I’m happy to say on night 4 he slept all night and has every night since! It was nice to have someone hold us accountable to our new sleep habits, check in on our progress, and help make changes where needed. Don’t wait as long as we did to help everyone in our house sleep!”

Julie, Fred & Baby B

“Brittany was amazing! I would HIGHLY recommend! Our baby had to be held, nursed, and rocked to fall and stay asleep and now he can fall asleep independently and sleep through the night. We were going through a phase of him waking every 2 hours overnight and now he sleeps 10-12 hours straight and wakes up happy and rested!"

Kelly & Baby N

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!  Cole is finally sleeping in his crib with no pacifier. Your suggestions were extremely helpful and it’s such a relief to have him on a schedule. Thanks to you he no longer has the feed to sleep association. Thank you again for everything!”

Anniekate & Baby M

Brittany with Rest is Best completely changed our lives. Right away after the consultation call, I felt like Brittany was totally and 100% invested in helping me and my daughter Molly, and she was like that friend that always has the best advice. She is incredibly personable and knowledgeable, and you can tell she has a deep desire to truly help. I tried every sleep training under the sun with Molly and absolutely nothing would stick. After just a few days into our custom sleep plan she was in a completely new and predictable routine and rhythm and we’ve never looked back. I could never thank Brittany enough for what she has done for our family, I finally feel like I have time for myself again, Molly is so dang happy and rested all the time, and we can enjoy our sweet girl so much more now without the stress of sleep always in the back of our minds. I am so darn grateful for the gift of sleep Brittany has given us. Thank you times a million!

Chelsea, Bobby & Baby N

“My little one had just turned 4 months when a friend shared her success story with Brittany helping her baby sleep through the night. At this point, I was going on 4 months of sleep deprivation and this sounded too good to be true. Thoughts flew through my head- Is my baby too young to start sleep training? Will this even work for me and my baby? What if I just have a bad sleeper? 


I was that person who bought every baby sleep contraption ( no really, I did- I own a baby sleep tent and put it in my room), read every google article, and watched countless sleep videos to get my baby to sleep through the night. Nothing was working. My son was waking every hour and ending up in our bed every night, sometimes nursing all night long. I couldn’t take much more.  I decided to check out sleep training and setup a call with Brittany. Right away, I was overwhelmed with how gentle, calm and peaceful she made me feel. Her initial advice and suggestions were so helpful that I decided right then to move forward with the sleep training. 


Throughout the process, Brittany was there for me every step of the way. She tailored a plan to meet the needs of my family and I was amazed at the progress I noticed right from the beginning. She made herself available if I needed help or had questions and was such a support through it all. It took about a week of sleep training and my son slept through the night. I cried literal tears of joy the next morning. Not only did I get a full night of sleep but, I felt my mental stability come back for the first time since child birth. I could think clearer and I was happier to be around my baby and my family again. It wasn’t until then that I realized how badly my lack of sleep was effecting every area of my life. Mamas- sleep deprivation is a real thing and it can crush you but, you don’t have do it forever! 


I can’t recommend Brittany’s services enough to all new mama’s. My baby is now 9 months old and even through teething, sickness, traveling and sleep regressions, he is able to put himself back to sleep on his own if he wakes in the night time. There is nothing better than a well-rested Mama and her happy well-rested baby. I can’t recommend Brittany enough!! Also, if you’re expecting, get with Brittany now! You’ll be soooo happy you did!”

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