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How I feel about certain sleep choices...

With the new trend of videos going around that talk about people’s opinion with certain design or fashion choices, I knew I had to jump on board and include my opinion on certain sleep choices. Many with this trend don’t include an explanation, but I figured I would! Personally, I hate not knowing why I should or shouldn’t do anything so I’m going to give a brief explanation of each choice to help you make decisions for your own child’s sleep. (If you want to see my video, head to my Instagram Reels and click the one titled “How I feel about certain sleep choices”)

*Please keep in mind that while the audio on the video can sound shaming, I am not shaming or judging anyone for doing these things. These are just my thoughts after personal and professional experiences*

1.) Sleep sack: Yes! I love it! Why? It acts as a sleep cue, keeps baby cozy, and it’s not a safety hazard like blankets can be for some ages. You can keep your child in a sleep sack until they move to a big kid bed (it also helps make that transition easier).

2.) Zipadee Zip: By far the best way to transition out of the swaddle! You also can keep your baby in this until they size out which is usually around 2 years old.

3.) Bumpers in the crib: I know these can offer piece of mind if your baby is moving around and getting stuck, but they are dangerous and the risk increases if they’re installed incorrectly. I prefer letting baby learn the landscape of their crib and going to them to help when they get stuck. This is usually not something that goes on for too long.

4.) Pacifier: Some little ones do great with it while it may cause extra wake ups for others. If your little one is falling asleep well at bedtime and still having multiple wake ups, some of the wake ups may be linked to the pacifier continuously falling out once they get into deeper sleep.

5.) Baby sleep positioners: They are not safe and that alone scares me. You don’t necessarily want to restrict your baby from their natural movements. Just work a lot on rolling and head control while they’re awake so that they have better strength in these positions and can safely sleep where they’re most comfortable.

6.) Bassinet stroller attachment: All of the YES on this one! Having a flat option for your baby has many benefits! Their bodies get used to lying and sleeping on a flat surface, they don’t get as hot in warmer temps and you lower the risk or container syndrome if baby that can happen if they’re in their car seat too often.

7.) Sleepsuits: I just don’t love these. They can cause overheating, too much restriction on movement and they’re another transition to make once baby outgrows. These sorts of things don’t let baby easily roll to their belly and many begin to have that preference once they can get to their belly on their own.

8.) Sleep Hammock: These contractions are not safe at all. You don’t want anything in the crib with your child, let alone an item that suspends them in the air. I’m actually surprised these are allowed to be sold.

9.) Sound machines: They are so helpful in reducing wake ups due to outside noises! You don’t need anything fancy just something that will stay on all night. But if you do like fancy, Hatch is the way to go! It can also be used as a nightlight once that’s needed. I love that you can control the volume from your phone. So, if baby goes to sleep and your neighbor decides to have an unexpected party, you can increase the volume until the noise subsides.

10.) Baby sleep nests: These are ok for supervised use only, especially in the newborn days but many people put them in the crib and use them for unsupervised sleep. This is not safe, and some babies have been injured this way. One baby injury is enough for me to write them off for sleep.

11.) Contact naps: Newborns, young babies, and sick kids…. Let them nap on you if they need to! In those fresh few weeks, your newborn will want to sleep on you. If you can do so safely without the risk of you falling asleep, there is nothing wrong with contact napping.

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